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professional services At R.E. Blumas LLC, we offer professional services to help you run your business life smoothly. For all of your accounting, advisory and administrative needs, we offer services to assist you.

Accounting Services

Accounting can be a tricky subject, and if mistakes are made in your business accounting it can be a disaster. This is why it is always important to trust your accounting needs to a seasoned professional accounting firm.

By using a professional accountant, you eliminate the risks involved with managing your business accounting, and you can rest easy knowing that your company finances are in good hands and the reports you get are meaningful and easily understood. By out-sourcing all or part of your accounting, you can spend more time paying attention to growing your business, and less time dealing with running the backend. It is our goal to make your business accounting system seamless, efficient and to provide you with relevant reports.

As Canadian professional accountants and tax consultants, we also have the experience and knowledge to utilize every allowable tax deduction to help you minimize taxes.

Business Advisory Services

Running a business can often be more than a full time job. Between your own work, managing others and dealing with clients, it can be hard to keep a handle on everything and make sure that nothing has been missed when it comes time to make a critically important business decision.

We offer advisory services to our clients to aid in their overall business plan and its operation. These services include: advice on the purchase or sale of a business, structuring business succession and buyout plans, sourcing out available financing alternatives, setting up an Ontario medicine professional corporation and providing equity financing for second stage start-ups.

Administrative Back-Office Support Services

For every business, handling taxes and regulatory filings can be a hassle, and if you don't have a structured organization process in place, it can lead to filing problems that can become a major headache when they eventually come to light. We provide the necessary administrative services to our clients to save them the struggle of having to take care of these tasks by themselves. Many times the routine administrative aspects of a business operation become overwhelming to the extent that they take away the owners' focus from the money-making aspects of the business operation.